With a musical history and catalogue that spans back to the early 90s, Titonton Duvante is one of those true school artists whose talent has continually shone through with a certain style and finesse that few come close to, let alone equal. Straddling the line between the outer reaches of Motorcity sounds and the sheer force of his own musical imagination, his sound very much lives in its own sphere: having cut his teeth with releases on Metamorphic, 7th City, Palette, Environ, Planet E along with his own imprint Residual Recordings.  The co-creator of the seminal techno band Body Release (alongside Todd Sines, Charles Noel and Mike Szewczyk), he has continued his path through a multifaceted career as a composer, recording artist, producer, remixer, record label owner, event promoter and DJ, continually striving to evolve creatively. As a DJ, he has always been known for blurring the boundaries of electronic music genres as he seeks to deconstruct, blend and rebuild beats through what can only be described as a unique brand of turntablism - having exported his extraordinary style and energy to clubs around the world from Detroit and San Francisco to Berlin, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and beyond. In 2015, he celebrated 20 years of releasing vinyl.



January     30  Housepitality- San Francisco, California

February      2 Signal>Noise 4 Year Rochester,New York

February    23 Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

March          7 The Bunker NY Red Bull Radio- New York, New York

March          8 The Selectors-Brooklyn, New York

March         15 Østre- Bergen, Norway

March         16 Kafé Hærverk- Oslo, Norway

March         22 Worldwide FM- London, UK

March         22 The Pickle Factory(LIVE PA)- London, UK

March         23 Tresor- Berlin,Germany

April           27  Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

April           30  Beats in Space Radio- New York, New York

May              3  Hypnotic Mindscapes- Toronto, Canada

May              5  Queen! at SmartBar- Chicago, Illinois

May            28  NTS Radio

June             1  Midwest Fresh Residents Night- Columbus, Ohio

June           11  Melody Inn(Drum and Bass set)- Indianapolis, Indiana

June           13 Arrival at Otherworld- Columbus, Ohio

June           15  Gypsy Parlor- Buffalo, New York

June           29  Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio 

July              5  Freerotation Festival (LIVE PA)- Wales, U.K.

July            12  Radio Radio- Amsterdam, Netherlands

July            14  Greissmuhle- Berlin, Germany

July             27 Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

August         2  The Mockbee- Cincinnati, Ohio

August       31  Midwest Fresh 5 year- Columbus, Ohio

September 12  KMA60- Berlin, Germany

September 15  Sol Asylum- Berlin, Germany

September  20 Folklor- Lausanne, Switzerland

September  21 Flash- Washington, D.C. 

September  28 Headspace 2 year- Cleveland, Ohio

October       18 Liberator LA 1 year- Los Angeles, California

October       25 Rudimentary- Austin, Texas

November   29 Bankside18- Moscow, Russia

December     6 Cruise- Split, Croatia

December   31 NYE event TBA- Detroit, Michigan



January     19  Whiskey Disco- Detroit, Michigan

January     27  Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

March          1  Sass Music Club- Vienna, Austria

March          2  Colours- Bristol, U.K. 

March          3  Albion- Leeds, U.K.

March          9  La Kulture- Strasbourg, France

March        10  One Again Club- Marseille, France

March        23  TBA(LIVE PA)(POSTPONED!!!)- Toronto, Canada

April           21  God Particle 5 Year- Chicago, Illinois

May            19  Buttons Garden Opening- Berlin, Germany

May            28  Hot Mass at Tangent Gallery(DAY)- Detroit, Michigan

May            28 The End III ele_mental 25 year(NIGHT)- Detroit, Michigan

June            2 Midwest Fresh Residents Night- Columbus, Ohio

June            7  Rhythm Science- Vienna, Austria

June            8  RINSE FM France- Paris France

June            8  Binary SoundxReshuffle MusicxWeapon- Paris, France

June           12 Club der Visionaere- Berlin, Germany

June           14  checkpoint off sonar rooftop (LIVE PA)- Barcelona, Spain

June           14 Sakskobing Off Sonar showcase(DJ SET)- Barcelona, Spain

June           30  Midwest Fresh Residual 20 year event- Columbus, Ohio

July              5 Rumba Cafe with DJ Assault

July            13 Residual 20 year event- Los Angeles, California

July            19  Granero Lounge

August       19 Mid Day Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

August       24 IPSE- Berlin, Germany

August       25 Brave! Factory Festival(LIVE PA)- Kiev, Ukraine

August       26 Brave! Factory Festival(DJ SET)- Kiev, Ukraine

August       31 Synthposium 5- Moscow, Russia

September   1  Blank- Saint Petersburg, Russia

September   2  LISB_ON Jardim Sonoro (LIVE PA)- Lisbon, Portugal

September   2 Ministerium(DJ SET)- Lisbon, Portugal

September  29 Interdimensional Transmission- Detroit, Michigan

October      20 Lot Radio- Brooklyn, NY

October      20 Level Boat Party, New York,NY

November  15 East Room- Chicago, Illinois(POSTPONED)

Novmber    17 Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

November  23 Compufunk-Osaka, Japan

November  24 Circus-Tokyo, Japan

December    1 Hot Mass 6 year- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

December  15  Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio 


January      13  The Hive (LIVE PA)- Montreal, Quebec, Canada

February     10  Residual Presents Christopher Rau- Columbus, Ohio

March            3  Restart Drum and Bass(D+B set!)

March          25  MWF

April               1 Residual Presents Dan Curtin Live PA

April             21 Volume(CANCELLED)- Dayton, Ohio

May              11  Rockerill- Charleroi, Belgium

May              12  Lisboa Electronica Festival- Lisbon,Portugal

May              13  La Machinerie- Lyon, France 

May              14  Griessmuehle- Berlin, Germany

May               24 DNBBBQ2 with Dom and Roland

May               29 Industry Brunch at Movement (LIVE PA)- Detroit, Michigan

June               3  Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

July              15  InTransit- Brooklyn, NY

August         13  Mid Day Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

August         26  Midwest Fresh 3 year

September     1 The Magick Bar- Rome, Italy 

September     2 110 London- London, U.K.

September     3 Concrete-(LIVE PA+DJ SET)-  Paris, France

September     8  Club der Visionaere (LIVE PA+DJ SET)-  Berlin, Germany

September    10 Bruxsel Jardin- Brussels, Belgium

September    15 Volume Deep with Gene Farris- Dayton, Ohio

September    30  Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

October         13 Thee Haus Ov Where- Denver, Colorado

October         14  Liquor Store - Portland, Oregon

October         21 Malfunction 19 Year (LIVE PA)- Cincinnati, Ohio

October         31 Red58- Barcelona, Spain

November       3 Floyd- Miami, Florida

November     11 Hot Mass- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

December       1 Rhythm Rapport (LIVE PA+DJ SET)- Los Angeles, California

December     31 Closer NYE (LIVE PA)- Kiev, Ukraine




February   26 Badaboum- Paris, France

February   27 Tresor- Berlin, Germany

February   28 Sunday Klub- Reykjavik, Iceland

March          4 Paloma- Reykjavik, Iceland

March          5 Control Club- Bucharest, Romania

May              7 Ritual(w/ Bill Converse)- Columbus, Ohio

May           30  Industry Brunch at Movement- Detroit, Michigan

June            4 Midwest Fresh Residents event-Grey Area

June            5 seasonal(a rooftop party)- Akron, Ohio

June          11 Signal > Noise  Sessions (4 hour Set)- Rochester, NY

June          30 Bossa Nova Civic Club- Brooklyn, NY

August       7  The Weekend Send- Pittsburgh, PA  

August      27 God Particle Showcase- Columbus, Ohio

October    15 Bossa Nova Civic Club- Brooklyn, NY

October     21 Smart Bar- Chicago, IL

October     28 Trauma- Columbus, Ohio

November   6 Magic Feet- Windsor, Ontario, Canada

November 19  Midwest Fresh (LIVE PA and DJ)

December   3  Rizumu- Philiadelphia, PA

December 16  In Training- Cleveland, Ohio


March         13 DNBBBQ2015- Columbus, Ohio

March         27 Blackout- Cincinnati, Ohio

March         28 Soul n Conga- Detroit, Michigan

May            16  Met:a:PHYS:i:CAL 3- Cleveland, Ohio

May            25  Industry Brunch- Detroit, Michigan

June           27  Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

July            10 Therapy- Dayton, Ohio

July            11 TBA- Akron, Ohio

August         1 Lunar Lodge- Boulder, Colorado

August         7 TBC- Phoenix, Arizona

August       15 Dark + Deep- Chicago, Illinois

September 13 Soul Pickle- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 19 Zoo Project- Ibiza, Spain

October       2  Deep Fried- Berlin, Germany

October       3  YAY Record Release Party- Varese,Italy

October       8  Caaapern Boat Party- Passau, Germany

October      10  Klub Kegelbahn- Lucerne, Switzerland

October      17  Slow Life Showcase- Germany

October      31  Hellhouse- Louisville, Kentucky

November  20  Outsiders (LIVE PA)- Montreal, Quebec, Canada

December  31   NBFC NYE- Chicago, Illinois


March       28 Future Maudit (LIVE PA)- Columbus, Ohio

March       29 Hot Mass-Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania

April          25 Oasis-Vancouver, Canada

April          26 Kremwerk-Seattle, Washington

May              2 Search-Los Angeles, California

May              3 Nextdoor-Honolulu, Hawaii

May              4 Asylum-Honolulu, Hawaii

May            25 Industry Brunch-Detroit, Michigan

May            30 Retro Metro-Cincinnati, Ohio

August         8 Smart Bar-Chicago, Illinois

August       30 Midwest Fresh- Columbus, Ohio

September 13 Residual Presents- Brooklyn,NY

September 14 Soul Pickle- Philadelphia, PA

September 26 Musicality 3 year Anniversary- Columbus, Ohio

October       3  Paloma- Reykavik, Iceland

October       4  Tresor- Berlin, Germany

October     10  Golden Pudel- Hamburg, Germany

October     11  Le Malibu- Paris, France

October     16  Macarena- Barcelona, Spain

October     18  Wohnzimmer Bar- Zurich, Switzerland

October      30 Trauma- Columbus, Ohio

November   7  As You Like It- San Francisco, California

November   8  Deep Club Denver- Denver, Colorado